Vegan. Fair. Love.

Fashion is amazing. It allows you to create your own style and express yourself anew every day.  But to look at it closely, we can also see the negative aspects of fashion. Animal abuse,  poverty wages and poor work conditions are part of the fast fashion.

„Besides the fact that we don’t want an animal to suffer or give its life for our luxury goods, there is no need for it.“

There are great suppliers, who are specialized in producing with alternative vegan materials, which are at least equivalent to leather. We want to make our contribution to the better and more responsible treatment of animals and increase the standards in the world of fashion.

Therefore we have created our vegan collection full of design and diversity to enable you the enjoyment of a fashionable and sustainable handbag, which you can carry in good conscience.

Made in Italy.

The Italian manufacturers are specialized in the traditional craftsmanship of exclusive handbags. We trust in their experience, passed on through generations, to produce high quality products.

„Their professional eye for detail makes the bags unique and differentiates them from fast fashion products.“

The result is a quality handbag with longevity. Transparency in the supply chain is an important aspect in order to meet our standards in sustainability and fairness.

Therefore we know each step of our process and can assure you the honorable and fair treatment of all our Partners